Pickled Grapes Celery and Fig Salad


ickled Grapes Celery and Fig Salad is quite an unusual combination for the salad but it really does work.

I guess the only pain the neck in this recipe is to peel every single grape.

Thus, I believe it is a good starter for a romantic date dinner and, perhaps, not so great for a huge party gathering. Unless you are a professional grape-peeler…

Cooking time + Pickling time:
10 min + 20 min
2 people

12 Green Grapes

70ml White Wine Vinegar

25g Granulate Sugar

½ tsp Salt

4 Celery Sticks

4 Radishes

2 Figs

10 Almonds


Dash of Olive Oil


1. Let’s start with pickling the grapes.  Unfortunately, if you don’t remove the skin from the grapes they won’t pickle in such short period of time. Thus, first of all, peel the grapes. Place the grapes in a mesh strainer and dunk them in the boiling hot water for 4 seconds. Lift the strainer from the water and set it in the ice water for another 10 sec. With a small sharp paring knife make a small cross cut and peel of the skin (or squeeze the grape out).

2. Bring to the boil white wine vinegar and dissolve salt and sugar in it until no crystals left. Put peeled grapes in the bowl and pour over the mixture. Let it marinate for at least 20 minutes.

3. While grapes are marinating make celery ribbons using the potato peeler.

Slice the radishes thinly.

4. Cut figs into 4 slices and chop the almonds.

5. Arrange the grapes, celery ribbons, radishes and figs on the plate, sprinkle chopped almonds and dress it with a dash of olive oil and few drops of leftover vinegar.

6. Use some dill as a garnish.

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You might think that people mostly pickling vegetables but, wait, you’d be surprised. A lot of fruits are pickled and used as some savoury accompaniments to different dishes.

In various cultures people pickle watermelons, lemons, apples, mangos, pineapples and even peaches.

I guess the most well-known pickled fruit is preserved lemon, which is often used in North African and Asian countries.

The Spruce Eats has got a lovely Moroccan Cauliflower with Preserved Lemon recipe, if you wonder where to use those beautiful pickled lemons.

Print this recipe and create your own recipe book with VEGETARIAN DEPARTMENT | VegDept.com

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