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Summer is almost here and we need to keep on top of our wellbeing. Very crucial part of it is to stay hydrated. My problem is that I do not really like just plain water. Juices and soft drinks contain huge amount of sugar so it’s best to avoid them. But you can flavour your water ...

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I love Almond milk but sometimes you are looking for something a bit creamier. Here comes Simple Homemade Creamy Cashew Milk. The texture of this plant based milk is thicker and creamier then almond or soy milk. It is perfect with coffee or in your morning granola Store it in a fridge in a glass bottle for 2-3 days. Simple, ...

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Recently I decided to cut the amount of cow’s milk I consume. There are a lot of alternatives – cashew mill, soy milk, rice milk. I decided to stick to classic almond milk. The first decision I made was that I will make my own homemade almond milk – unsweetened pure and natural with the best quality ...

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s celebrate with a boozy drink, of course! Yes! It is green, obviously… And No! it is not with shamrock/clover… As much as I wish I could make one with this traditional Irish plant, I don’t think it would taste as good as this beauty. Try St. Patrick’s Peas and Pisco Cocktail with ...

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I always make this Beetroot Apple and Ginger Juice when I fill like I need a boost of iron, magnesium and vitamins in my body. Good for blood pressure, increases number of white blood cells, energise and taste so damn good! Perfect start for your day! Prep time:Makes approx.: 15 minutes500 milligrams Ingredients: 400ml Freshly Squeezed Beetroot Juice 1 apple (Granny ...