Middle Eastern Cucumber and Bulgur Salad
Serves 4
There is something magnificent in cucumber and mint combination. It is often used in Middle-Eastern cooking. It not only tastes good; it does work perfectly with other ingredients of the dish like bulgur. It brings that nice freshness and cooling sense. Try this Middle Eastern Cucumber Salad and let coriander bring it to another level. But if there is no way you put coriander in your mouth, just replace it with parsley and you are good to go!
Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
  1. 200g Bulgur
  2. 1½ Large Cucumber
  3. 2 Garlic Cloves
  4. Handful of Fresh Mint
  5. Handful of Fresh Coriander
  6. 1 Green Chilli
  7. 1 Thumb-sized Piece of Tamarind or 2 Dates
  8. 1 Lemon, Juice
  9. Pinch of Salt
  10. 3 tbsp Olive oil
  11. ½ tsp Mustard Seeds
  12. ½ tsp Nigella Seeds
  13. 4 Radishes
  14. Edible flowers for decoration (optional)
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  1. First of all, soak the bulgur in boiling hot water for 30min, then drain, squeezing all of the excess water
  2. While the bulgur is soaking, cut the cucumber into preferred shape and size and set aside. I went for cucumber ribbons using a vegetable peeler but this is not essential. Reserve the extra half cucumber for a dressing.
  3. In a food processor (or blender) mix the reserved cucumber, mint and coriander leaves, garlic, green chilli, tamarind (or dates) and whizz until roughly combined.
  4. Add to the mixture lemon juice, pinch of salt, olive oil, mustard and nigella seeds. Mix well.
  5. Add the dressing to your chopped cucumbers and mix well, making sure your cucumbers are fully covered. Alternatively serve the sauce on the side.
  6. On a large plate place the cooked bulgur and top it up with the cucumber and dressing mix.
  7. Add sliced radishes and edible flowers (if using)
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