Black Cherry Breakfast Parfait
Serves 2
Black Cherry Breakfast Parfait is my favourite breakfast ever! It is so easy to make, it is healthy and it is delicious. You will be surprised by the different textures you get – from the jelly like chia seeds, light yogurt, crunchy granola to bold and flavoursome black cherry compote. And it is for sure children’s favourite too! Best part is that you can have as many cherries on top as you wish!
Prep Time
15 min
Prep Time
15 min
  1. 3tbsp Chia Seeds
  2. 300ml Almond Milk
  3. 150g Granola
  4. 250ml Natural Yogurt
  5. 6 tbsp Black Cherry Compote
  6. Fresh Black Cherries
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  1. First of all, let the chia seeds to soak in almond milk (by the way feel free to use any other milk – rice milk, oats milk or just soya milk) ideally overnight. If you are in a rush, an hour or so could do too. They just going to be a little less jelly-like. I use 100ml of liquid to 1tbsp of chia seeds for overnight soaking in a fridge.
  2. When chia seeds are ready, in two glasses (the ones that are wider at the top – Champaign glasses won’t be a great idea) layer granola yogurt, cherry compote and chia seeds. Repeat until your glass is full.
  3. Top it up with some fresh cherries and enjoy!