Aubergine Croquettes with Mind & Date Yogurt Sauce
Yields 10
Crunchy on the outside and soft and smoky inside these Middle Eastern inspired Aubergine Croquettes are perfect for sharing or as finger party food. This recipe comes with sweet and fresh dipping sauce specially created to balance all those rich flavours.
Prep Time
45 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
55 min
Prep Time
45 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
55 min
  1. For Croquettes
  2. 250g Potatoes
  3. 3 medium size (250-270g each) Aubergines
  4. 50g Cheddar
  5. 100-120g Bread crumbs
  6. 100g Feta cheese
  7. ½ tsp Salt
  8. ½ tsp White pepper
  9. Vegetable oil for cooking
  10. For Dipping Sauce
  11. 150g Plain natural yogurt
  12. 3 medium size Dates (soft variety)
  13. 5-7 Fresh mint leaves
  14. pinch of Chilli powder
  15. ½ tsp Salt
  16. 1 tbsp of Pomegranate seeds
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  1. First of all, peel and boil the potatoes until fully cooked. Leave it cool down.
  2. While potatoes are boiling prepare the aubergines. You need to smoke the aubergines over the open flame. This might sound a little bit tricky but in fact it is very easy. Place the aubergine (one at a time) over the moderate flames of your hob head. Use metal kitchen tongs to turn it over quite frequently for even smoking. The skin will start burning and the flesh will become piping hot and soft. It takes roughly 10-15 min to smoke one aubergine. Make sure the aubergine doesn’t catch fire. It will get a little messy so I recommend to line the space around the hob head with foil. When finished with smoking set the aubergines aside to cool down.
  3. When the aubergines are cool cut them in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Make sure you don’t get too much of the burned skin. Either with your fingers or a knife tear apart the flesh into smaller pieces and place in a big bowl.
  4. Add boiled potatoes and feta cheese and mash it all up with a folk a little. Don’t over do it as you still want the mixture to be quite chunky. Add grated cheddar, salt, pepper and half of the bread crumbs (50g) Mix it all well and leave it to rest for 10-15min.
  5. The mixture should be solid enough to shape a croquette but still quite sticky. Spoon the mixture, roll it into small sausages and cover with the remaining breadcrumbs. Add some extra if you need. This recipe makes about 13-15 croquettes depending on how big you like them.
  6. When finished shaping the croquettes pour vegetable oil into the frying pan so you get approximately 1cm up the sides. Heat up the oil and fry the croquettes until golden brown (2-3 minutes on each side)
  7. Remove the croquettes from the pan onto paper kitchen towels to get rid of excess oil.
  8. For the dipping sauce finely chop the dates and mint leaves mix them with yogurt add salt and chilli powder. Finish it up with a table spoon of pomegranate seeds.
  9. Serve the croquettes while they are hot with dipping sauce.