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Quite often the first thing people say when they find out that you are vegetarian or vegan is “but what about BBQ?!” Well… It doesn’t have to be all about meat when it comes to BBQ. Grilled vegetables and Asian style ...

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Smoky and Creamy Baba Ghanoush is probably my favourite aubergine dish. Straight away these flavours are taking me to the Middle East. Although, unfortunately I never been there - baba ghanoush is how I imagine it to taste! So let’s get ...

Can I Buy Dapoxetine In Canada

We all getting into festive mood at our own pace but sooner or later we all start panicking about the Christmas tree, presents, cards, decorations and… a diner. Having a vegetarian Christmas dinner might be even more stressful. The pressure ...

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Very comforting and flavoursome, pretty and colourful these Maple Glazed Roasted Vegetables are perfect side dish to your main. Easy to make this is a must to have in your recipes collection. You do have one, right? Prep time:Cooking time:Serves: 10 minutes30 minutes6 people Ingredients: 6 ...

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There are a lot of ways how to make mashed potatoes and people add different ingredients to make it somewhat special. This recipe of Creamy Mashed Potatoes is not unique it is just the way I have been making it ...

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We all love good old potato chips, don’t we? But how about slightly healthier option? Sweet potato contains less starch and more minerals then regular white potato which makes it a perfect lower-calorie alternative. I like my sweet potato chips ...