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Cannelloni is a good alternative to a worldwide famous lasagne. Tubes of lasagne-like pasta are stuffed with different fillings and baked in the oven with sauce and cheese. In this recipe it is Mushroom Kale and Ricotta Cannelloni with simple ...

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I am really excited to share with you a recipe of my childhood - Piparkukas.   It is a traditional Latvian Christmas biscuit similar to gingerbread. Instead of ginger we use black pepper and other festive spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and ...

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This fresh and healthy Lime and Basil drink will not only hydrate you, it will also boost your immune system and make you a little happier. The amount of positive health benefits in basil undoubtedly makes it the queen of herbs. ...

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This recipe has been given to me by a very dear friend of mine. He doesn’t cook or bake often but when he does this is what comes out from the oven - Triple decker chocolate heaven! And the best ...

Dapoxetine India Buy

We all getting into festive mood at our own pace but sooner or later we all start panicking about the Christmas tree, presents, cards, decorations and… a diner. Having a vegetarian Christmas dinner might be even more stressful. The pressure ...

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The best ever Veggie Club Sandwich I had was in Barcelona, Spain.  I’m not sure whether the sandwich was so good or everything tastes so much better there but I was hooked up. Thus on my return to London I ...

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Very comforting and flavoursome, pretty and colourful these Maple Glazed Roasted Vegetables are perfect side dish to your main. Easy to make this is a must to have in your recipes collection. You do have one, right? Prep time:Cooking time:Serves: 10 minutes30 minutes6 people Ingredients: 6 ...

Dapoxetine Online Canada

There are a lot of ways how to make mashed potatoes and people add different ingredients to make it somewhat special. This recipe of Creamy Mashed Potatoes is not unique it is just the way I have been making it ...

Priligy Online Australia

This Vegetarian Mushroom Wellington will defiantly be the showstopper of your dinner table. It does involve a bit of cooking but believe me it is worth every minute spent in the kitchen. And I guarantee it will pay you off ...

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I always make this Beetroot Apple and Ginger Juice when I fill like I need a boost of iron, magnesium and vitamins in my body. Good for blood pressure, increases number of white blood cells, energise and taste so damn ...

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Crunchy on the outside and soft and smoky inside these Middle Eastern inspired Aubergine Croquettes with Mint & Date Yogurt Sauce are perfect for sharing or as finger party food. This recipe comes with sweet and fresh dipping sauce specially ...

Buy Priligy Online Australia

The essential to any roast dinner it is gravy that brings all parts of the dish together. Thus it has to be perfect and flavoursome. This recipe has got a little extra to it – splash of whiskey that takes ...

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Sauerkraut is finely shredded white cabbage fermented by various lactic acid bacteria. Sounds weird and not very appetising but believe me it is the best thing ever. Don’t bother to buy it in a supermarket as it’s not even close ...

Dapoxetine Buy Online Canada

We all love good old potato chips, don’t we? But how about slightly healthier option? Sweet potato contains less starch and more minerals then regular white potato which makes it a perfect lower-calorie alternative. I like my sweet potato chips ...

Dapoxetine Online Purchase India

Granolas are getting more and more popular now and seem to be overtaking muesli in the cereal aisle. The downside is that they are also very expensive especially if you aim for organic/home made type of granola. Thus I though why ...

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I only met one person in my entire life who didn’t like ice cream and it was absolutely shocking to me. It’s understandable we all have our flavour preference but not to like this delightful creation… I like it so ...

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For me Mushroom & Potatoes Quiche recipe is the best way of combining the flavours of comfort food with stunning presentation. Inspired by my Eastern European background, potatoes and mushrooms are some of the key ingredients in cooking which work ...

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Usually I do not use fennel in my cooking as it has quite a strong flavour. It’s one of those ‘’love it or hate it’’ kind of vegetables, however, it works just fine in this recipe together with sweet apple ...

Priligy Online India

I adore Tacos. Especially, Refried Beans Tacos. Not much I can add to this. It is delicious, easy to eat and so versatile. You can have different fillings and toppings but below is my favourite recipe! Just writing about it makes me ...